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Free Your She Journal

We lost our 10K followers on Instagram! Please help us reconnect with you.

After three years of grinding to grow our Instagram community, nurturing connections, and building trust with our new and prospective customers, Meta has deleted our Free + True account out of thin air. 

Are These Areas (Besides Your Face) Showing Your Age?

As it turns out, our face isn’t the only part of our body that changes as we age, and if your goal is to age gracefully everywhere, your neck, décolleté, and hands will need a little extra love, too. 

Let's Talk About Chlorella

It's completely natural. It's vegan. It's naturally high in protein, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. It's rich in chlorophyll (giving it its famous green glow). It's incredible for your health and skin. What is this wonder ingredient? It's chlorella.

Jolene Hart's Lemon + Honey Genmai Chai

Free + True friend, holistic health coach, and author Jolene Hart's Lemon + Honey Genmai Chai elevates your morning cup with an energizing turmeric and spice matcha flavor.