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We lost our 10K followers on Instagram! Please help us reconnect with you.

We lost our 10K followers on Instagram! Please help us reconnect with you.

This feels personal. After three years of grinding to grow our Instagram community, nurturing connections, and building trust with our new and prospective customers, Meta has deleted our Free + True account out of thin air. 

For no apparent reason, all 10K of our followers are gone. Our social media data is gone. The foundation of our community and hub, where people gain and exchange skincare education while getting to know our brand from the inside out, is gone. And an invaluable part of our journey as a small business has been taken away from us.

Free + True is a self-funded, woman-of-color-owned skincare brand with a small team. My genuine passion for formulating products with fresh ingredients and full ownership of the research, production, and fulfillment processes makes this feel like a massive violation of a sacred space.

Every one of our products is made in-house in our California production studio. Our hands have touched every ingredient that makes its way into our products. Care and intention are infused into our products, and we work hard to give you a front seat to the magic. We create some of the highest quality botanical, clean products in the beauty industry, and we will without a doubt persevere through this, but we obviously can't do this without your continued support.

Please follow, like, and share our new IG @freeandtrueskincare_. The support of our community means the world to my employees and me.

 ox. Tami Blake

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