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Are These Areas (Besides Your Face) Showing Your Age?

Are These Areas (Besides Your Face) Showing Your Age?

When we think about aging, our face is often the center of attention. And it makes sense — every Instagram ad and trip to Sephora we are bombarded with products that claim to erase forehead wrinkles and fine lines, soften crow’s feet, and reduce sun spots for a brighter, more youthful glow. As it turns out, our face isn’t the only part of our body that changes as we age, and if your goal is to age gracefully everywhere, these other areas will need a little extra love, too. 

Even the most committed will occasionally forget their neck during their AM and PM routines. But the reality is that the neck is one of the first places that shows age, and you’ll likely start to notice some changes (think necklace lines, brown spots, and sagging skin) if you don’t give it some attention. 

The neck is notorious for holding onto lymphatic fluid, which causes the area to look and feel puffier than it actually is. Gently stroking the neck in a downward motion with a gua sha stone can reduce puffiness and smooth out deep wrinkles, or prevent them from appearing in the first place. Applying facial products below your chin, and occasionally exfoliating and masking the area while you treat your face, will also do wonders for your skin. And when you’re applying the last step of your AM routine (a tinted sunscreen or SPF moisturizer), don’t forget your neck!

How often do you apply facial products to your chest? Never? Once in a blue moon? That’s what I thought. Your décolleté, or upper chest area, is especially prone to sun damage (especially in the summer), fine lines, and wrinkles, and even if you don’t see them yet, they are likely to creep up as you age.

To protect your décolleté, daily hydration is a must. I recommend using a nourishing facial oil like Freedom Fighter, or a lightweight moisturizer, like Mama Pacha, for best results. And don't forget your SPF! If you're exfoliating and masking your face and neck, consider masking your décolleté, too. PRO TIP: applying oil to your décolleté will make your perfume last longer!

Like the décolleté, our hands are often neglected as a critical part of our skincare routine. The skin on the back of our hands is extremely thin and are susceptible to collagen loss, making them appear older than they are. Just think about it. What's the first thing you do after you apply your daily SPF? Wash your hands? 

The best thing you can do for your hands is invest in an emollient hand cream, or Body Prophet, and apply it after every time you wash your hands, all year round. Look for natural formulas packed with nourishing botanicals, like olive leaf extract, sea buckthorn berry, pumpkin seed oil, and aloe vera juice. And if you really want to do your hands a favor, apply a brightening mask to the back of your hands for the full treatment! You know they deserve it. 

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