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Nature: Our Collective Home

The place we return to feel boundless and free. The mother of all life, nature is our favorite therapist, a constant source of inspiration and a great unifier, connecting us to each other, and back to our own sense of self.

Created by a team of skin experts, Free + True harnesses the planet's most potent botanicals and marries them with clean science to bring effortless and effective care to any skin environment. One simple, universal AM and PM routine frees you from time-consuming rituals, complicated formulas, and tired regimes. Your complexion will appear brighter, tighter and more hydrated so you can face the day with complete skin confidence.

We got you, sister. Whether your day calls for coffee and meetings, or inspires you to lace up your hiking boots and head for the hills, you have more important things to do than stand in front of the mirror. If you ask us, that time is better spent pursuing your dreams, instead.

Free + True
Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Natural Beauty