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Healthy skin starts from within.

"Life in the 21st century, and all that comes with it, from stress and pollution to a not-so-clean diet, can impact our skin. By crossing into the edible wellness category, it’s my intention to further align mind, body, spirit, and skin, optimizing health in a way that can be seen and felt. As with the entire Free + True line, these superfood powders encourage the creation of daily ritual with a simplified approach. Radiant skin is only the beginning. Now more than ever it’s time to love yourself from the inside out."-Tami Blake, Founder and Esthetician

Each ingestible powder is formulated with a blend of super-powered botanicals and certified ingredients designed to regulate gut bacteria, improve digestion, strengthen the gut-to-skin connection, support overall energy, optimize skin health, and, in line with the Free + True mission, inspire complete skin confidence.

Each blend can be mixed into plant-based milk, added to a morning smoothie, or incorporated into a whole food recipe – the options are endless and delicious.

Genmai Chai

Turmeric Spiced Matcha


Body Harmony

Turmeric Infused Rooibos


Make Me Whole

Superfood Protein Powder



Superfood Gift Set

All 3 Superfood Blends, frother, mug, and recipe cards