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A Buzzworthy Partnership

In all that we do, from sourcing our botanicals to creating simple and natural formulations, we strive to have a positive net impact on the planet, leaving it better than we found it. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Pollinator Partnership, a non profit that promotes the health of pollinators (like bees, birds and butterflies) through conservation, education and research.

Pollinators are absolutely critical to agriculture ecosystems, our food supply and surrounding landscapes. These creatures fly from plant to plant, carrying pollen on their bodies and depositing it on flowering plants in a vital interaction that supports and sustains the plants’ reproduction. These plants bear the fruit and vegetables that we eat, provide over half of the world’s oils and fibers, prevent soil erosion and increase carbon sequestration.

Put simply, without pollinators, our ecosystem as we know it would collapse. Their conservation is critical to the health of this planet.

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$1 from every sale of Raw + Wild Illuminating Honey Mask goes to Pollinator Partnership.