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Best Natural + Organic Brand

Voted the best, natural organic brand in the United States and Canada by the Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Natural Beauty

Introducing Free + True, a new natural skin and body care line that frees you from unhealthy chemicals and complicated routines.

Pursue what matters most with complete skin confidence.

You have more important things to do than stand in front of a mirror.
Simplify your skincare with our universal routines.

Free + True Natural Skincare and Body Products

Facial Fresh in Minutes

Free + True is an esthetician created collection of clean, cruelty-free skincare inspired in the treatment room. The products are formulated with clinically proven, high-tech ingredients and California grown botanicals that free you from complicated, time-consuming routines.

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True Fans

I had sworn off oil cleansers forever - they always left a heavy, greasy feeling on my skin that made me feel like I was one wash away from the worst breakout of my life - but then I was convinced to try Moonlight Milk.  I'm now a believer.  This oil-based balm grabs all the makeup and dirt like an oil should, but then turns into a milky emulsion that wipes away clean.  I'm a huge fan.

There are a million serums out there, but none work their magic like Ramblin Rose.  It's the perfect treatment after I cleanse and tone because it gives me all the hydration my skin needs, but it also absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel really firm!  And the scent is addictive!

I was suffering with monthly breakouts and oily patches, so of course I tried all the harsh chemicals to dry it out, which led to even more breakouts and out-of-balance skin (duh!)  Moment of Clarity has literally been my savior.  It helps balance my skin so I never feel too dry or too oily, and after a few weeks of use, viola! my breakouts are disappearing.

we're blushing.

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