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Anti-Pollution Skincare: Everything you need to know to protect your skin.

anti-pollution skincare

The rise in anti-pollution skincare is in direct response to growing populations in urban areas. Anti-Pollution products protect your skin from the damage caused by environmental pollution. Pollution from auto emissions, ozone and other particulate matter are absorbed on the skin causing oxidative stress that leads to dehydration, increased sebum production, inflammation, premature aging, pigmentation and sensitivity. Many clients come in for facials and think they have sensitive skin when really their skin is sensitized due to environmental factors and they would benefit from making enhancement to their skincare routines. ⁠

Anti-pollution Skincare

Effective anti-pollution products will contain ingredients that do the following:

1. Protect the skin’s barrier and from the penetration of particulates from pollution. ⁠

2. Detox and decongest pores by gently cleansing and absorbing dirt and grime. ⁠

3. Restore the skin’s protective barrier and balance sebum production ⁠

4. Feed the skin antioxidants that fight free radical damage and pigmentation ⁠

5. Contain ingredients that soothe inflammation ⁠

The ingredients in anti-pollution skincare are great for everyone because they address what all skin types need for optimal health. People who live in heavily polluted areas cannot afford to neglect proper skincare. ⁠

Free + True skincare was formulated with ingredients that address issues associated with pollution. We use pomegranate, green tea, rose water, raw honey, COQ10, clay and marigold. ⁠All of these ingredients feed and nourish the skin. Raw + Wild Illuminating Honey Mask was formulated to detoxify, exfoliate and purify your skin. It's an amazing mask for city dwellers.⁠

Cleansers that are free of harsh detergents are critical. You don’t want to strip the skin, dry it out and compromise the skin’s protective barrier and pH. ⁠

Detoxifying clay masks such as our Raw + Wild Illuminating Honey Mask are great at purifying the pores and absorbing dirt and grime. Gentle enzymes exfoliate, soften skin and allow ingredients to be readily absorbed. Using a great face moisturizer or serum with humectants, plant oils and antioxidants protect the skin while you’re out and about. ⁠

Examine your current skincare routine. Fee free to message us so that we can recommend a simplified routine that protects your skin from pollution.⁠

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