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Every girl needs a good esthetician. Here's why. 

Every girl needs a good esthetician. Here's why. 

In an ideal world, acne and other skin issues would stop once puberty is complete. Unfortunately, pimples, zits, and flare-ups occur way after our teen years have passed. And of course, as we get older, cell turnover slows and fine lines, sun damage, and dry skin take over. While there is no magician out there to make us look as we did when we were young, there is a professional that can help improve your skin.

Holistic Esthetician and Facial

An esthetician is a trained skin care specialist that performs cosmetic treatments like facials, chemical peels, and sugaring/ waxing hair removal to keep your skin beautiful. Estheticians are not doctors, which is necessary to note, and therefore do not prescribe medicine or deal with injections. Their focus is on procedures that maintain and pamper the skin’s surface. Most facial treatments contain the following steps: 

  • Deep cleansing to purify pores
  • Exfoliating peel to soften and slough off dead skin
  • Extractions to address congestion
  • Massage to stimulate detoxification, facial sculpting, and relaxation
  • Masking to calm, soothe, and infuse the skin with active ingredients
  • Lastly, modalities such as ultrasound, LED, microdermabrasion, or gua sha may be included as enhancements that can be added on

While we might run to our esthetician when an issue occurs, it is almost more important to make regular visits to be preventative. Your esthetician can speak to what products would work best for you, what your skin might be lacking, like hydration, and give your face a bit of a refresh. A skilled esthetician is not only proficient at performing facials, but has a strong grasp of overall skin analysis and how ingredients interact with various skin types. Free + True founder and licensed esthetician Tami Blake recommends taking it one step further and bringing the skincare products you use daily to your initial facial appointment so that your esthetician can get a clear picture of what you’re using at home and fill in the gaps by recommending products to add to your current routine. These tips, products, and methods can help to keep your face looking fresh, youthful and clear of impediments. 

To find the right esthetician, ask friends if they have one they would suggest or lookup reviews for local spas. Finding a suitable place and a person you are comfortable with is essential in developing a good relationship. While an esthetician can be extremely helpful in making your skin clean, bright, and glowing, having it remain as if you just left the spa is up to you. Keeping a simple routine for morning and night, and using the right products for your skin type and lifestyle between visits is necessary to have a flawless and youthful complexion. 

Some might see this as an unnecessary luxury, but do not discredit the importance of self-care and some me-time. Plus, feeling like you look your best does wonders for your psyche.

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