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Superfood Gift Set

Superfood Gift Set

All 3 Superfood Blends, frother, mug, and recipe cards

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Get full-sized containers of all three superfood blends, a hand-held frother, branded mug and recipe cards for the perfect mind-body ritual.



Each ingestible powder is formulated with a blend of super-foods designed to regulate gut bacteria, improve digestion, strengthen the gut-to-skin connection, support overall energy, optimize skin health, and inspire complete skin confidence.

The blends can be mixed into plant-based milk, added to a morning smoothie, or incorporated into a whole food recipe – the options are endless and delicious.

Genmai Chai: Smooth, Spicy, and Uplifting.

Inspired by a fusion of traditional genmaicha brown rice green tea from Japan and masala chai from India, this creamy turmeric forward tonic balances the nutty sweetness of ceremonial grade matcha with zesty notes of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper for a brilliant blend to boost immunity, mental clarity, and energy throughout the day. Net weight: 6 oz.

Body Harmony: Warm up and Wind down.

Relieve stress, and reset your system with an artful blend of adaptogens, antioxidants, and Ayurvedic plants. Enriched with rare flavonoids, South African rooibos is infused with the inflammation-reducing benefits of turmeric. A touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and black pepper to add warmth and optimize absorption. The synergy between these potent botanicals calms the nervous system, promotes healthy digestion, and supports overall immunity to bring your mind, body, and skin into balance. Net weight: 6 oz.

Make Me Whole: 100% Plant-powered.

A blend of protein-packed, fresh water vegetable plankton boasts a full spectrum of bioavailable nutrients, compounds, essential fatty acids, and amino acids to support optimal cellular function. Goji berry, acai, and camu camu superfruits, loaded with Vitamin C, support collagen synthesis and boost immune function. Blended together in powder form, this protein-packed complex will boost energy levels, restore skin radiance, and make you whole again. Net weight: 6 oz.

Superfood Frother

Whisk, sip, reset. The perfect side kick to your ingestible superfood routine, this stainless steel frother whisks lattes to perfection. It is USB rechargeable, hand-held and easy to clean. Sip delicious plant-powdered blends in minutes!

USE: Fill a mug or glass half way with the liquid of your choice (this avoids spillage when whisking). Add the desired amount of powder. Insert the frother directly into the cup and power on. When the powder and liquid are completely combined, turn power off and remove from the cup. Add the remaining liquid to top off your cup.

Free + True Mug

Love yourself from the inside-out with this Free + True glass mug. 14 ounces.