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Body + Face Exfoliation Set
Body + Face Exfoliation Set
Body + Face Exfoliation Set
Body + Face Exfoliation Set
Body + Face Exfoliation Set
Body + Face Exfoliation Set

Body + Face Exfoliation Set

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Turkish bathing is a traditional ritual that Turkish people have practiced for centuries to cleanse the body and soul through an experience that incorporates silk cloth mittens to scrub away dead skin cells and renew the skin. Our Founder, Tami Blake, traveled to Istanbul to source these unique exfoliators and bring the ancient Turkish bathing experience to you.

Our Body + Face Exfoliation Set comes with:

  • Body Exfoliating Mitt
  • Face Exfoliating Mitt

Our Turkish exfoliating collection is a must-have that yields baby-soft skin & is handcrafted in Turkey using the finest plant-based silk. This collection is gentle for sensitive skin types and effective at getting the job done on even the most rough-textured and ingrown-prone skin. 

Enjoy your collection in a sustainably packaged in a reusable “Love Your Skin” cotton pouch that reminds you to exfoliate weekly.


  • Made with the finest plant-based silk.
  • Sustainably packaged in a reusable cotton pouch and compostable bio-plastic 
  • Helps to visibly slough off dead skin and stimulate blood circulation
  • Sourced responsibly from a woman-owned business

How to Use

Before first-time use hand-wash with a mild soap using only warm water, squeeze, and hang dry. Step away from the water when exfoliating to scrub off dead skin effectively. You’ll be able to see the dead skin that way. 

Step 1: Cleanse your body before using the exfoliating mitt. Do not use the exfoliating mitt like a washcloth.

Step 2: Dampen the exfoliating mitt, step away from the water, and apply light to medium pressure in circular motion to the body or bikini area. Do not apply heavy pressure until skin acclimates. Never apply any soap or body product onto the mitt during use. 

Step 3: Continue to exfoliate, away from the water, with the mitt until the dead skin visibly appears on the surface of the skin and on the mitt.

Step 4: Rinse your body 

Step 5: Rinse the exfoliating mitt with warm water and hang dry. 

Care: Hand wash mitt with a gentle non-toxic detergent when needed and hang dry. Will not harbor bacteria. Laundering in the washing machine and dryer is not recommended. 

Exfoliate 1-2 times a week. Replace exfoliating mitts every 4-6 months.